Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Is she here to stay Sorry this is a bit risque compared to the norm ;) *blush*

Ok as stated in my previous blog I had an all night conversation with an old friend who I/we have exchanged knowledge that we have/had did/do still have some very deep feelings for each other we spent all night talking about pretty much everything.

We discussed the situation we/her/us decided that although the last time we discussed this it was a no go and would lead to nothing we/her/us had been rash in our decision as we both have very strong feelings for each other and what we should actually do is not bury the feelings away in a black box (akin to pandora's, long story if anyone wants to know I will tell them) but leave them out in the open and shoud the situation arise, make itself obvious or there be a need act upon those emotions but all in all be honest with each other, totally honest which we are actually she is one of few people if not the only person that I am totally honest with......

(erm well she doesn't know about NMI but it hasn't come up..... ;) )

Now if your confused don't worry about it I was at first I may still be I'm not entirely sure but we ended the conversation with her showering at me (don't ask, but im sure your not supposed to use the phone on hands free while your in the shower ;), I d didnt complain) An I wrote her some passages of text which although I may do at some time I can't at the moment because its before the watershed......

I'm not entirely sure where I stand or what's going on but even with two hours sleep I have been smiling all day ;)

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