Sunday, 9 May 2010

I think your reading this

This will only make sense to one person so I apologise to the rest of you!

I had a visit on Friday at my current office from the company you have most recently employed I impressed you must have looked under a pretty scabby rock for them...

None the less I reported them to the OFT for ALL of the breaches of their regularity guidelines and I wont be seeing them again!



Or why don't you give up cus your being completely ridiculous with the information fairy tales are you into now?

Good luck

Sunday, 2 May 2010

New member of the Brookes House hold

We have a new member of the Brookes House hold "Holly"

My biz partners mother in law found a cat who had recently given birth with her Kittens in her garden. I was hence forth convinced to adopt the mommy ("Holly")

She arrived fresh from the Vets yesterday after having her 'op' (poor madam)

We made her comfortable in my library with her own 'blankie' her own litter and her own food and water and left her to her own devices to calm down.

I went to check on her a few hours later and she had dissapeared !!!

The cupboard door was open so obviously she was in the cupboard I went to look and oh dear I had forgotten the floorboards are up because of the dodgy heating issue.

So I spent a couple of hours trying to coax her out. She wouldn't come out so I left her be.

I woke up this am at 6 went in to check on her she had been out knocked some things of the shelves eaten some food and use her litter tray so I freshened everything up and again left her to it.

I'm just glad she is ok. Piece by piece I'm sure she will come out and settle down. But for now we really do have a new cat in the "house"

L out
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