Monday, 25 February 2008

Where to start and how to stop my cat humping my inner elbows

I tell you having a cat hump the inside of your arm while she gets comfy and you try to type or every now and again she just gets up to have a look round or play the cello at me (cat owners will know, everone else Im sparing you honest I am really) makes it a bit of a goit to type surf the net or basically use my computer but she appears to have found this spot and she likes it. We even played a game of lets see if I can entice you away with lovely crunchy salmon flavoured (they really fecking stink) treat which she'll normally go berserk for but she just looked at me as if to say

"Do I really look as stupid as you!"

So here I am type over a cats shoulder having to guess wqhete certain keys are and pretend like Im not the species thats in charge!

Meanwhile earlier this evening there was a young female wandering around the local supermarket dressed very sportily if not a little scantily for the current clime a tight jogging style sports top and matching black hipster jogging bottoms cut to her ass cheeks and showing hers abs she had the body to show and I don't blame her but a high percentage of the people in that supermarket will have been either perving (me! moi? no!) or envious and when I had collected my required purchases I made my way to a checkout ok I may have looked at her once or twice but Im MALE and HUMAN its all against me when I get to the till I start unloading (don't be dirty now) and im at the same til as the said female she pays and leaves and as I get level with the cashier quite young not un attractive but wearing braces she is nudging her companion making some envious comment about the previous customer.

As she turns to me

L - "Envy is our worst emotion"

C - "I know but I cant help it"

L - "Im sure your far more intelligent than her any way and your just as beautiful"

C - *goes crimson red giggles and starts being furiously helpful* "something about change have nice evening and goodbye"

Ok so it was all bollocks but when I left she was smiling like a cheshire cat and I made her night

L Out

Saturday, 23 February 2008

I got this today.....

Sent: 23 Feb 2008 16:48
Subject: L, n, a.

L, n, a Sorry this is over text. Me and g have chosen to in the lakes for our civil union as there are no decent venues in S and we wanted a small low key affair with a few close friends.. The family is huge and we don't have that sort of money to include everyone. I'm hoping that as my brothers you will still be a part of the occasion and celebrate with us at S. Mum and dad are choosing not to attend but i'm hoping you will be there to support Me and G in our commitment to each other. Mark. x

Just to let you know S is not where they are having the civil partnership the party is almost a week afterwards what do you think, shall I go, or not. Im fairly sure N and A aren't going cus of how upset Mum is at not being invited they have been asked not to go by the way my Mum and Dad I don't know why because Mark is taking stronger drugs than me or because he feels the need to be so emotionally damaging and not have s ingle damn good excuse, I'm not sure I care what his reasons are! I'm sort of blah about it because that way I don't have to get involved cus stress just sets me off.

Anyway if you've got an opinion or at least if enough of you manage to sway me....

You know like Big brother or Survivor....


L Out

Well hello there

I have been mostly suffering from a man cold this week well it seemed to start as a man cold....

Then the bloody thing transmogrified into a full blown cold type affair, I had to have two days off which for me is nothing short of unreal as besides the Mental Illness issues I haven't had a day off for illness since I started working.....

You know what it sucked camel balls Ok I read Ian Rankin's Naming the Dead (Very Good) and am now 200 pages through Ian Rankin's Exit Music (So Far very good, but Mr Rankin please don't write Rebus out (No spoiler, I haven't finished it))

I want to big up two fellow bloggers today Miss Britt who besides the fact that she hasn't had a brilliant week is still a beautiful and very, very funny person and Avitable who is also awesomely funny and needs someone to tidy his office really he does go see ;)

I am still feeling slightly sorry for myself but Im off to see Omid Djalili tomorrow night and Im going no matter how ill I am

L Out

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Student Life

I went to my Cousin L's house party last night for the culmination of her week of celebrating her 21st birthday. I had actually been out the night before with the to one of our local towns to party the night away but whether or night I had just been tired felt out of place or still wasn't ready for crowds I had given up early, my brothers N and A on the other hand had by all accounts had a very good night acquainting themselves with my cousins friends by verbally appraising various appendages too loudly....

Which leads nicely on to Saturday night, it was a byob night and L had said that there was a little booze so being three of my family going together me (no longer a drinker) my brothers N and A we took

2 six packs of Dr pepper

1 litre of Bacardi Berry

1 litre of Vodka

1 750ml Gallo White Zinfandel

1 non alcoholic mixer (that was gross)

24 cans of Stella Artois

We got there and we let's say we had over done it a bit there was enough alcohol to sink a battleship, oh well never mind my family really can drink (no really its disturbing)

Anyway we get there and my Aunty P is on the phone to my cousin L asking where she is and it turns out L is just eating her evening meal and P is explain to her that she has been cooking all god day not especially using expletives but it was heated.

We start to mingle people start to arrive the place begins to fill up with family and guests, still no party girl then P disappears to go and fetch her and eventually P returns with L and more friends and family arrive and by all accounts a good night is had by all.

And there ends the safe version he he he

This is the fun part of being at parties sober you don't really get the opportunity to miss much.

It turns out my cousin C smokes and she has issues deep rooted issues she is doing psychology but she doesn't seem very happy and I hope she gets herself sorted cus drink aint the way.

My brother M is getting a civil partnership in August and isn't inviting my parents which as you might guess has utterly fucked them off( he told them it was a quiet do just maybe 6 people, it turns out there's closer to 16 and he has actually used the phrase friends are more important than family, oooh wounder.) well there was a row and tears and heated debates about that last night and towards the end when every one was alcohol fuelled it become teary debate of the night.

I know Im not getting invited because of the birthday party fuck up and you know how I use letters instead of names well


Mark you've royally fucked up this time.


Anywho there's more going on at the party my cousins L's friends who herded together for the most part in the kitchen at one point had a right ole conversation which ended in one of them openly admitting to everyone present although I think her friends knew that she had had anal sex and she didn't like it but it wasn't too bad and that she played with herself as well as during sex and also that some of the others played with themselves which eventually led to another of the group admitting to anal sex.

Now people don't be too harsh on them they are only young and they haven't read some of your blogs where this kind of behaviour is merely foreplay, but look at it from my point of view I was at a family party and 19 – 20 something's where telling there all I enjoyed it even if you don't also a couple of my cousin's L's friends are cute so that didn't hurt.

As for the bipolar, he's being a good boy at the moment is P&C as long as I keep him medicated and am a little careful what I eat and most importantly don't drink then everything seems to be getting easier to handle plus I ahve started excersicing which of course always helps, so its looking good.

Blogs of note

Miss Britt Go visit she's funny

Crystal Anne as well as being funny she's smoking hot which isn't to say Miss Britt isn't smoking hot.....

Looking they are both hot go read now.....


Go on with ya


L Out

Friday, 8 February 2008

Well its been an up and a down kinda month (bipolar, up and down get it lol)

Anyway, I went to see a band play last night my cousin L her Boyfriend A and my brother N where there since I have stopped drinking and smoking I haven't been out well I actually had a good night!

No really I did. I am going to my cousins 21st on the 16th I have been going to the cinema every other week ;) Generally been getting out and about.

Big news, I have started to excersice which could be helping, you know endorphins an all.

I have found an absolutley awesome blogger Go check Adam out he's ace

I'm going to the theatre to see a stand up comedian Omid Djalili on the 24th I am seriously looking forward to that we have seats fourth from the front.

I am also my third week into group therapy, yes its just like in Fight club no big titted bob aaint there and no Im not gonna blow stuff up with soap although its a thought I have oft considered I know some prime canidates.

I have had another tattoo started the pictures will follow at a later date for anyone who isnt a regular I have my whole right sleeve tattooed and although it is painful Im not too bad with pain, well I am having the new tattoo on my chest and all I can say is


I want my mummy

L Out

oooh p.s.

go here Kylie she's really quite funny and here