Friday, 28 December 2007

I have been socialising, yes that’s right you heard me....

I haven't been around in far too long and it's been for all the right reasons for a change, mainly I have been out in the big wide world (yes these new meds are ace). Also I have been working hard this past December. I actually have quite a bit to blog about for instance I haven't exactly been getting on with my Mum this past year or so and I was invited over for xmas lunch and my brother M was going to be there as well but instead of crawling into the wall space and saying no I'll be ok. I bit the bullet and said yes, I didn't go mad on presents this year I brought nice things not too expensive just things I thought people would appreciate. So I turned up with my Dad and another brother N slightly anxious I should add....


A wonderful day was had by all, it really was an awesome day me and M got on he actually cooked the meal was really nice, my Dad behaved himself and didn't get too drunk it was nice seeing my Granddad and it was nice everyone being together there didn't seem to be the underlying tension that there is normally. Mum said she had a really lovely day, the first time she hasn't cooked in years so this probably helped and I think everyone just enjoyed it even me =]

We came back at about 830pm and I just chilled with the kids, they had had a stocking with plenty of catnip filled goodies which were getting full attention and generally keep them out of trouble.

Boxing Day I had the most relaxed day I have had in a long while I did so little its untrue, which if you realised how much nervous energy I can often have is blessed relief. I had received several books I had wished for xmas and proceeded to finish one and start another on Boxing day just sitting there with a good book some chocolates and me it was awesome.

I haven't been half as vocal as I normally would be on everyone's blog I have been doing a lot of lurking just lately but I am in the process of really sorting things out now.

No new year's resolutions but as from the 2nd of January I will no longer be drinking smoking and I intend to exercise this illness has led me down a route I have struggled to fight and from now on the fighting back starts so Cyclothymia bring it on biatch

Happy NEW YEAR everyone

Friday, 7 December 2007

Tooth Faery will be happy tonight

Hello all ;0)

I am currently eating and drinking through a straw ;)

The short and long of the story is when I was about 15/16 I went to the dentist they gave me nitrous oxide to do something i am not sure (*reflects*) now what and when i woke I was having hallucinations I was disorientated I felt sick and all in all I really had a bad reaction. So I haven't seen a dentist since, and believe you and me I have at some stages been through some pain killers....

Well until recently, the story goes......

A couple of months ago I was just getting sick of my Teeth there look my crooked smile (to try and hide the gaps) and thus I stepped into a new Dentist that had opened up in the high street *anxious, sweating and shaking* checked they could take me as a new patient and signed in for my first check up in 15/16 years. About 2 weeks later I turn up for my appointment, to which the dentist makes some notes and I tell her I am nervous she proceeds to calm and reassure me...

Its all over she tells me I will come back in a week or so for two fillings and that I need some extractions ;o

Well I go back for the filling, two or three injections and some cleaning, polishing, drilling, digging, scraping and tapping and she tells me I she will refer to the hospital for the extractions as it might be better if I go there to get them done?? The Jaw x-ray machine wasn't working so can I come back sure np ......

I get my x-ray done its sent to the Hospital and eventually I get an appointment, for which I travel 11 miles I wait 45 minutes for my appointment I get in to see this dental consultant and he asks me why I'm there???


[Players – M = Me D = Asshole dentist consultant

D - "why has your dentist sent you here?"

M - "because I had a bad reaction to gas some time ago and she thought it might be better if i had my extractions done in hospital"

D - "no you didn't"

M - "sorry !!!"

(*P&C's awake now thinkin how deep can I bury this fools face into his desk and use his ears to flick paperclips across the room in a grotesque game of tiddlywinks*)

D - "No you didn't have a reaction to the gas you just had a bad day, I'll do the extractions but it wont be until after Christmas maybe, and ill do them under local as that's all that's needed"

M – " O.K. I'm done here goodbye"


So I gets back to my home town I walks into my Dentist, proceed to relay the above drama and ask if I can have the extractions done there as if he is only doing them under local surely I can get them done at my dentist and besides which he was a GIT

Today's appointment was thus made I walked in at 12:10 pm with four rotten teeth and out 40 minutes later with a gaping hole in my gums a mouth full of gauze and padding a definite bleeding, sickness, unsteadiness and waves of relief. To be noted, no pain, no discomfort, no hallucinations and my dentist was really comforting.

So I'm back on Wednesday for four more....


Oh and if your reading this Tooth faery I don't do credit