Sunday, 25 March 2007

Well Sunday afternoon and what to do

I have a whole list of things I need to get on with today and I cant get motivated to start any of it ;( It's not that I don't want to do them its just it's a lovely day and and I have the the sun shining in through the office window music blaring off the other computer and well its just too nice to work so far I have spent the morning visiting Michele's and commenting on fellow Blogger's sites and tonight I am going round a friends house for Stirfry and a DVD so I really need to do something before then lol ;)


Myspace is down for refurb (minor changes apparently ) so I am surfing randomly until I can get back in as I have some changes of my own to make as I have just added more images


Oooo I really am randoming today

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Well, Where have I been ?

I haven't blogged in nearly six days and where have I been you ask ?

Well It's been an interesting week really ;)

Mostly work but its been fun ;)

I went to see a psychiatrist on Monday for an evaulation as a part of my ongoing "issues" It went well, I told him a lot and it was mentally draining I actually told him things I have never uttered to another human being before.... Which in a way was a form of release. I cried which I have come to learn is a necessary form of emotional release and It ended. He said he needed to see me again and I had the appointment through this morning for the 17th of april. The one thing I was nt expecting was it really did knock me for six I went back to work afterwards and I felt dull and tired and drained. I had a job I really needed todo so it was a necessity but I really wanted to crawl into a dark corner and sleep and I am glad I didn't ;)

Tuesday and wednesday where generally plain days work work work and then thursday I was on our local radio station promoting a seminar/presentation I am doing on wednesday for parents about Internet Safety trying to pull back some of the damage the media have caused over hyping the dangers of the internet. The radio show was interesting in the fact that we had been told that we would meet the producer talk about our subject matter and then go on air where as in reality what actually happened was that we walked in where directed to the sit in front of the presenter and we went live, lets just say I was nervous if I can find it on the net I may post it lol....

Friday was another manic day of work and then I went to a black tie dinner for our local Community Repsonders which was nice because I like getting dressed up every now and again ;) maybe Ill post a picture...

I got an email from an artist I really like Nancy Farmer inviting me to an invitation only exhibition she is doing down in bristol next month yesterday so I accepted and a ticket is on its way which has kinda made my day ;) so for now I think thats it if I remeber anything else Ill be in touch ;)

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Looking up ;)

Well hello

I hope your all having a good weekend ;)

Mines actually not going to badly really, I have a few things to look forward to at the moment I am going to Paris in June to see a band ;) I have finally booked another session with my tattooist to get my arm finished (I have loaded new pictures) and I am going to see a locum Psychiatrist tomorrow to be evaluated ;) So things are coming together.

JLP made comment on my last post and yes I think he is right me and "you" are just friends something I will have to come to terms with but she is somebody I am glad to have as a friend so its not all bad ;)

I put out an Olive branch with my mum and sent her some smellies for mother's day which is a start in reparations of that relationship so things really are looking up ;)

Anyway wish me luck for tomorrow and you all have a good week ;)

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Happy Weekend Everyone

Happy Weekend Everyone ;)


Well Thursday, I went round to "you's" house on Thursday night to look at her broadband and camera and a few other things. I got a text 20 minutes or so before I was due to go round to "bring wine" So I duly turned up with 3 bottles of White Zinfandel and enough cigarettes to cover the evening…..

We chatted cracked open the wine I went upstairs to look at the broadband to which I had to rewire a phone socket rendering the one in her brothers room useless as she had mangled it with a screwdriver or some other implement lol

She went downstairs to phone her friend as she was bored and when then came back up to ask if I was hungry ;)

We chatted and drank wine in the kitchen while she cooked chicken and pine nut stir fry which was nice and then when the food was ready we ate and watched the mighty boosh, which I enjoyed ;)

We had a long chat about a variety of things and the date she was going on last night (Friday) we never spoke about anything that could of remotely been seen as being 'us' and if I am honest with myself in the light of day there is no us…..

I really like her company, I really like to talk to her we have some brilliant conversations, she is funny and she makes me laugh, she is beautiful, no she is stunning and I don't know why I cant tell her this but I cant and this will be my downfall but I will hold this within and it will only be shared with you….

I have had some good days this week and some bad days and it's hard to tell how a day is going to start off or end but things are looking up ;)

I am going to see a locum Psychiatrist on Monday for an evaluation so that should be good

Wish me Luck

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Well the week is not so much weird as unusual

Hey Bloggers

Well what a day I had yesterday ;), Im really busy with work at the moment which is good;) Loads of different things going on ;)

I was kinda supposed to go round to "you's" house on Wednesday night but she text me Wednesday to say her father was in port close by so she was going to eat with him and I went the pub with a friend and had a couple of beers instead ;)

Yesterday though I am stood outside of one of the shops and my ex "L" walks towards me and actually says hello (first time I have seen her in over a year – so it was a little weird, we do live in the same town ) she was with her new baby (7 weeks old) which was slightly uncomfortable at first as the baby is "J's" the guy she left me for but she is called Grace, she is really cute and I am happy for "L" that she has finally find someone who is giving her the happiness she deserves ;) We had a long chat and talked about loads of things at it was kind of closure in a way

Since I started writing this "you" has been in touch and I am going round to install a phone port for her and look at her Ipod and install her digital camera software which is nice ;)

Im due to appear on our local radio station on the 22nd March at 11am which is gonna be interesting because I know the subject matter but I'm not entirely sure what I am going to be talking about yet ;)

Oh people Im confused I have an hour before I am due to go there and I have butterflies in my stomach whats wrong with me ;)

Anywho more soon I hope ;)

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Good Morning World

Its been a long and arduous week but its been fun ;)

I have moved over to Office 2007 on my Laptops and I tell you its certainly a transition I'm not going to go on and on about it here as I'm not writing a tech blog but I have been asked to comment on it so I will ;)

What I will say is its a really easy to use system its more intuitive than previous office systems and although the new 'ribbon' (Menu) system is unusual it is very easy to pick up and everyone from noobs to Professionals will pick it up really quickly and the new One Note 2007 Integration with the rest of the operating system is very well done ;)

Any way enough about my new toys ;)

I'm very busy at work at the moment which I think is keeping me well and truly occupied, so mental spasms have had least chance to make themselves a reality which is good because I have enjoyed this recent foray into happy land ;)

I think maybe I would have enjoyed it more had I had someone to share it with but I'm sure that will come ;)

I don't think anything major has happened this week worth reporting on ???

"you" has hardly been in touch which was kind of disappointing but what with work being as busy has it has been it hasn't really had chance to sink in ;)

Oh, I nearly forgot My brother "M" came over to see me at work yesterday and brought me and the guy who works for us a McDonald's which was really nice, it certainly cheered "A" (The Guy who works for us) up he was just really impressed not so much at the food but more at the gesture as "M" took time out of his day to get us lunch ;) He did drop off the invite for my cousins wedding in June which I am looking forward to on one side but kinda not on another as it will be the real first integration of the me with the family for a long time and I'm still not sure I'm ready for that ;(

I suppose there is only one way to find out ;)

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Hey all I have just learnt I can blog from inside Office 2007

So this is my first blog from inside office Im not exactly sure how its gonna go but we shall see ;)


I have had a pretty good day today, picked up a new client. Which is always good, she happened to be particularly attractive and very intelligent which is just ace and she owns and rusn her own business which is where I came in ;)


But that aside it has been an awesome day business is good Im happy and up (wooo) its taken long enough lets just see how long it lasts ;)


I shall hopefully be back later to blog more so hopefully be back later ;)

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Ultimate Blog Party

Ok I feel slightly humbled after visiting somebody who commented on my site so I decided to be more welcoming

Im shy ok....

Every one stay for a while go listen to some music over at Myspace although I do only have one tune playing, but its so addictive....... *lol* You'll see

Go see these guys its a brilliant idea

But there is one Rule

NO LURKING .......... Please........ How much does it take to comment and say hi ;(

Oh that buggered that


It was "You's" Birthday last night I forgot until her brother popped into see me at work an invited me out for late drinks with them. I initially said yes, I was slightly stunned that I had managed to forget as it is my brothers birthday today who as it happens is the same age as her, I am awful with Birthdays but thats another story.

Later into the day I remembered that my business partner had a rendez-vous with a lady friend of his and I had offered to keep an eye on his daughter for him, not exactlty babysit just be there should she need me as I only live over the forecourt this is easily done from the comfort of my sofa :) so we went out for some food and I had to decline late drinks but I have text "you" twice with no reply so I think my abscence has not gone un noticed and that may well be that ;(

On other news work is busy which is good, hence my lack of blogging of late and me sitting here on a sunday trying to round up on the week.

My Brother "M" popped over with his partner yesterday to see me at work which was nice it always cheers me up seeing them and they are good company I just dont see enough of them. Something I have been meaning to rememdy for years. I should note that I stated above Its my brothers birthday today thats my youngest brother "A" I have three brothers and two sisters not all of which I keep in touch with but the internet is allowing us to at least send messages and make sure each other is alive which is at least a step in the right direction.

On which note I have been thinking of adding my middle brother "N" to Myspace for sometime we had an unspoken fall out I think its time to build bridges again and this might just be the olive branch that will allow me to do that so I will look him up on Myspace today I think.

My mum has passed a course recently which has been stressing her out and she thought she had failed but by all accounts she passed and that should stand her in a better stead at work and "M" (who works with her) has said she has been a lot happier since so I am happy for her ;) I am really proud of her because I know how hard she has worked for it and wish her all the best I just wish I could tell her that....

We fell out as well which was all my fault but I still cant get round my embarrassment and pride to speak to or see her which I am sure is hurting us both as much but I do love her very much and Im sure soon enough I can bring myself to tell her.

For now I have to go but I will be back soon


Everyone take some time out of your day and pop over to the ultimate Blog party ;) Its a great idea and its great fun....

It will be a week long bash starting March 2, 2007 and ending with the big prize giveaway on March 9, 2007.

I have been assured everyone is welcome ;) so Come on over ;)

End Edit*