Thursday, 15 March 2007

Well the week is not so much weird as unusual

Hey Bloggers

Well what a day I had yesterday ;), Im really busy with work at the moment which is good;) Loads of different things going on ;)

I was kinda supposed to go round to "you's" house on Wednesday night but she text me Wednesday to say her father was in port close by so she was going to eat with him and I went the pub with a friend and had a couple of beers instead ;)

Yesterday though I am stood outside of one of the shops and my ex "L" walks towards me and actually says hello (first time I have seen her in over a year – so it was a little weird, we do live in the same town ) she was with her new baby (7 weeks old) which was slightly uncomfortable at first as the baby is "J's" the guy she left me for but she is called Grace, she is really cute and I am happy for "L" that she has finally find someone who is giving her the happiness she deserves ;) We had a long chat and talked about loads of things at it was kind of closure in a way

Since I started writing this "you" has been in touch and I am going round to install a phone port for her and look at her Ipod and install her digital camera software which is nice ;)

Im due to appear on our local radio station on the 22nd March at 11am which is gonna be interesting because I know the subject matter but I'm not entirely sure what I am going to be talking about yet ;)

Oh people Im confused I have an hour before I am due to go there and I have butterflies in my stomach whats wrong with me ;)

Anywho more soon I hope ;)


Bob-kat said...

It's great that you are happy for 'L' adn good that you got some sort of closure.

Hope the evening went well with 'You'.

Carmi said...

Please let us know if your radio spot will be available on the Internet. It would be a thrill to listen to you: I've sure you'll do great.

Speaking of which, I'd better get ready for the media week that awaits. I need to practice my pontificating before the journos start calling again.