Sunday, 4 March 2007

Oh that buggered that


It was "You's" Birthday last night I forgot until her brother popped into see me at work an invited me out for late drinks with them. I initially said yes, I was slightly stunned that I had managed to forget as it is my brothers birthday today who as it happens is the same age as her, I am awful with Birthdays but thats another story.

Later into the day I remembered that my business partner had a rendez-vous with a lady friend of his and I had offered to keep an eye on his daughter for him, not exactlty babysit just be there should she need me as I only live over the forecourt this is easily done from the comfort of my sofa :) so we went out for some food and I had to decline late drinks but I have text "you" twice with no reply so I think my abscence has not gone un noticed and that may well be that ;(

On other news work is busy which is good, hence my lack of blogging of late and me sitting here on a sunday trying to round up on the week.

My Brother "M" popped over with his partner yesterday to see me at work which was nice it always cheers me up seeing them and they are good company I just dont see enough of them. Something I have been meaning to rememdy for years. I should note that I stated above Its my brothers birthday today thats my youngest brother "A" I have three brothers and two sisters not all of which I keep in touch with but the internet is allowing us to at least send messages and make sure each other is alive which is at least a step in the right direction.

On which note I have been thinking of adding my middle brother "N" to Myspace for sometime we had an unspoken fall out I think its time to build bridges again and this might just be the olive branch that will allow me to do that so I will look him up on Myspace today I think.

My mum has passed a course recently which has been stressing her out and she thought she had failed but by all accounts she passed and that should stand her in a better stead at work and "M" (who works with her) has said she has been a lot happier since so I am happy for her ;) I am really proud of her because I know how hard she has worked for it and wish her all the best I just wish I could tell her that....

We fell out as well which was all my fault but I still cant get round my embarrassment and pride to speak to or see her which I am sure is hurting us both as much but I do love her very much and Im sure soon enough I can bring myself to tell her.

For now I have to go but I will be back soon


Everyone take some time out of your day and pop over to the ultimate Blog party ;) Its a great idea and its great fun....

It will be a week long bash starting March 2, 2007 and ending with the big prize giveaway on March 9, 2007.

I have been assured everyone is welcome ;) so Come on over ;)

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craziequeen said...

Glad to see you find my choice in music therapeutic.



Leslie said...

Saying hello from the party!
Nice to meet you!