Saturday, 17 March 2007

Happy Weekend Everyone

Happy Weekend Everyone ;)


Well Thursday, I went round to "you's" house on Thursday night to look at her broadband and camera and a few other things. I got a text 20 minutes or so before I was due to go round to "bring wine" So I duly turned up with 3 bottles of White Zinfandel and enough cigarettes to cover the evening…..

We chatted cracked open the wine I went upstairs to look at the broadband to which I had to rewire a phone socket rendering the one in her brothers room useless as she had mangled it with a screwdriver or some other implement lol

She went downstairs to phone her friend as she was bored and when then came back up to ask if I was hungry ;)

We chatted and drank wine in the kitchen while she cooked chicken and pine nut stir fry which was nice and then when the food was ready we ate and watched the mighty boosh, which I enjoyed ;)

We had a long chat about a variety of things and the date she was going on last night (Friday) we never spoke about anything that could of remotely been seen as being 'us' and if I am honest with myself in the light of day there is no us…..

I really like her company, I really like to talk to her we have some brilliant conversations, she is funny and she makes me laugh, she is beautiful, no she is stunning and I don't know why I cant tell her this but I cant and this will be my downfall but I will hold this within and it will only be shared with you….

I have had some good days this week and some bad days and it's hard to tell how a day is going to start off or end but things are looking up ;)

I am going to see a locum Psychiatrist on Monday for an evaluation so that should be good

Wish me Luck

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

It sounds like she sees you as a 'friend' and no more, unfortunately.

Michele sent me here.