Saturday, 10 March 2007

Good Morning World

Its been a long and arduous week but its been fun ;)

I have moved over to Office 2007 on my Laptops and I tell you its certainly a transition I'm not going to go on and on about it here as I'm not writing a tech blog but I have been asked to comment on it so I will ;)

What I will say is its a really easy to use system its more intuitive than previous office systems and although the new 'ribbon' (Menu) system is unusual it is very easy to pick up and everyone from noobs to Professionals will pick it up really quickly and the new One Note 2007 Integration with the rest of the operating system is very well done ;)

Any way enough about my new toys ;)

I'm very busy at work at the moment which I think is keeping me well and truly occupied, so mental spasms have had least chance to make themselves a reality which is good because I have enjoyed this recent foray into happy land ;)

I think maybe I would have enjoyed it more had I had someone to share it with but I'm sure that will come ;)

I don't think anything major has happened this week worth reporting on ???

"you" has hardly been in touch which was kind of disappointing but what with work being as busy has it has been it hasn't really had chance to sink in ;)

Oh, I nearly forgot My brother "M" came over to see me at work yesterday and brought me and the guy who works for us a McDonald's which was really nice, it certainly cheered "A" (The Guy who works for us) up he was just really impressed not so much at the food but more at the gesture as "M" took time out of his day to get us lunch ;) He did drop off the invite for my cousins wedding in June which I am looking forward to on one side but kinda not on another as it will be the real first integration of the me with the family for a long time and I'm still not sure I'm ready for that ;(

I suppose there is only one way to find out ;)


Bob-kat said...

Very glad you had a good week as mine was one from hell. I like so much that you appreciate the McD that M got for you. It's the little gestures in life that often get taken for granted.

Michele sent me to say hi today.

rashbre said...

Thanks for dropping by.

I also installed Office 2007 - in my case rather curiously on my iMac, in a Vista parallels session. I've kept a Windows environment (which runs under OSX) for the occasions when I need to do soemthing that requires a special piece of Windows software, but for non work I'm mainly Mac. Its quite amusing bringing Windows up in the equivalent of a browser window. Here's a nice clickthru to a big screen picture!

You asked about the blackberry; I've used one for 2-3 years and I suppose my original one was somewhat basic compared with the shiny new one. The main real change of note is the much better screen display with clearer typeface compared to the primitive look of the old one.


rashbre said...

Oops. The original link didn't work. This one does!

exskindiver said...

i feel your pain over "you"
will write more to you about this when able.
let me say, emphasizing the positive (no matter how seemingly small the gesture) is one more step towards moving on.