Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Onset headache

I woke with the onset headache and pressure build up that gives me no pain but let's me know I'm gonna feel drained all day (possibly longer) and that I have wolken in a dark dark place, yeah I didn't want to drag my ass Outta bed this morning or answer my phone I had to phone my appointments (after the required staring at phone period) to move everything back

Yep its dark in here today and any help getting out would be greatly appreciated


L out
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Friday, 22 May 2009

Its thursday an I aint had time

Read the title.......


This weather is confusing as hell an I have a family BBQ to be at at the weekend which the weather better be good for so are you bloody well listening weather I am looking for SUN.....

I am thinking the weekend will start around about lunchtime tomorrow ;)

Yeah, it'll depend on work.

I found out I am totally searchable on T'interweb which I am not sure is a good thing or not so I'll have to give that some time.

My Landlord has served me with a repossesion notice today so I am going to be needing somewhere else to live pretty darn soon.....

So any suggestions would be appreciated, I am looking for a private landlord unfurnished with a garden and two bedrooms (one bedroom would be fine but it would need to be a big one)

L Out
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Friday, 15 May 2009

Between Sunday & Here

Hey all.

How is everyone? I know I have missed three days but I have been a little busy bunny on more than a couple fronts. Anyone keeping up with my blog will have noticed I met someone online (G from here on in) well me and G have been emailing, texting and messenging back and forth for four days and last night we actually spoke! An you know what its been a great week!!! I'm not sharing too much with you guys at the moment, you'll get just what you need to know (just know I am smiling, ear to ear) lol.

I have been up early every day this week for my Networking Meetings www.4networking.biz which I am quite heavily involved in. These meetings have had me thinking how ( as in whether thay have?) productive they have been for my business over the past two weeks or so but this last week they have been really usefull so I think it literally comes down to, you get out what you put in. I would have been a lot more spritely at a couple of the meetings this week but I was talking to a certain someone (G) til the early hours on a couple of days so I only got the minimum sleep and when I got back today I was proper pooped so had me a catnap when I got in at 5 today! lol

This means I am probably not gonna sleep tonight...

On other news I havent caught up with any other bloggers this week so I am gonna get over to a few and see whats going on in the blogosphere

I have been trying hard to stick to my healthy living plan and have managed to pretty well and am starting to really feel the benefits now :) I feel better I acan get up in the morning when I have had a late night, and still feel alive :)

In looking after myself news I am thinking of trying to get over to Paris next month to see Korn in concert & I was talking to my best mate Dan today and I am gonna shoot down to London at the end of next Month and have a day or two with him and his missus :)

So its all going well at the moment and I have one or two things to look forward to....

I have just thought the only thing I have forgotten to mention is I havent been concentrating enough on my meditation so that is my goal for next week and beyond :)

Ok Peeps

L Out

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sundays are normally quiet

Well people I have had quite an unusual day today;) very good unusual but still for me different...

Anyone who knows me knows I can be chronically shy and find it hard to communicate with people sometimes especially the opposite sex since the ex left me an I had my self esteem shattered things have been on the up over the last couple of years and very recently I joined an online dating site ( This is your fault Netchick )

Well somebody contacted me today and at about 5 o'clock I had an email asking if I was using that site she had found me outside of the site :) myspace then the blog apparently well 22 emails 14 texts later and we get to chatting on messenger, regardless of what happens *wink* from here I have made a very good friend today

Everyone say Hi to girliestofgirls cus she's reading this

L out
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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Me & Karma

I would like to take the opportunity to (Fresh prince of Bel air theme now playing in my head) state to you guys that I have done some pretty stoopid things in the past hence my last post and so would state that Karma isn't shooting me down in a plume of napalm and rocket fire for recent events!

She is paying me back for events prior, which I am ok with 'cus we all have to be accountable for our actions eventually so I say let it roll...

I'll take the wheat (although I'm on a wheat free diet at the mo') with the chaff and just aim to keep my head above water...

If anything its helping me with my resolve to look inwardly at the moment and strengthen my inner self which I am working on with a friend who is also helping me with my health and fitness so I am going to redress the balance on a whole.

On another note a friend of mine from the blogosphere isnt having too good a time of it at the moment so please pop over drop her a positive comment we all need people to just say hi to us every now and again!

So things are rocky but every now and again rocky is good it helps to look for the positive in all situations

Friday, 8 May 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions

I don't know what I've done but I've got to redress the balance as Karma is gunning for me at the moment and she's determined not to miss.

The basis of it is my landlord is looking to evict me

Business is slow.....

Not bad just slow!

The question is have I been putting enough effort in to the business and if I increase the input will I get just returns or.......

Do I take the plunge and get a job!

Yes that's right get a real job joining the ranks of the gainfully employed..

A friend from the blogosphere Fauve says it depends on how long it has been? Which has given me food for thought!

I am not sure if I don't know or if its just a case of the fact that I'm scared

L out
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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Work life

I have been going through a transition in my personal life just lately and I am beginning to question whether my current job Ie. Running my own business is for me

I am easily distracted and never seem to be able to focus on my spirituality as much as I would like and at the end of the day I'm not getting enough me time!!!!

Do I join the rat Race or persevere
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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Writers block with good news

I have been meaning to update my blog all week but I have been suffering from writers block.

Today though I had some good news on my new healthy living plan I have lost 15lb on 5 days :) and I'm actually getting into the swing of it now.

I have had a couple of comments from well wishers asking whether I am getting enough nutrion?

Well in answer to those questions yes its a diet used by hospitals ;)

In other news I'm off the nicotine and the alcohol ;)

And I feel great!

L out
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