Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Feeling ok but can I turn breakfast down?

Morning all

I started my new healthy living plan yesterday, which for the first day involves nothing but a fat burning soup and fruit to eat and stopping eating at 8pm and an early night and.........

You know what I actually feel better for it, it remains to be seen how I fair for the rest of the week I get soup vegetables and a single baked potato today ;)

I'm committed though and my goals are set

And now I'm off to the first of my networking meetings this morning to face no cooked breakfast !!!!

Wish me luck ;)

L out
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Sunday, 26 April 2009

I am now actively looking

For what? You ask yourselves

Well the title isn't strictly true you see tomorrow I start on my new me Healthy living plan with the aid of my personal trainer who is awesome btw and I know with her help I will not only feel better mentally and physically and I have been single for 4 years now and I have been actively avoiding the opposite sex like it was a bacteria because I felt I had to be comfortable with me before I was capable of allowing myself to get involved with anyone.

So although I am not actually going to actively seek out anything I am going to lower my. Barriers somewhat.

I'll maybe bore (spelling) you guys later with the story of how my defences got raised but I finally ended that drama. the weekend before last when my best friend was up from London.

So I'm Single ;)

Hello World


L out
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Saturday, 25 April 2009

New me coming soon

I have signed up to a healthy living plan with my 'new' personal trainer and as part of this she wants me to keep a journal and guess what?

You guys get to read it because Natural Mental Implosion is going to be my new 'me' Journal.

Well I've been on here for three years now and only really used it for chit chat and mindless porings, finally you might get something worth reading. Please note I said 'might' don't expect miracles I'm not upto them just yet!

So what's brought this on you ask well I need to lose weight I want to quit smoking and just lately there is a rumour I have been getting a little more attention from the ladies.....

More on that later for now thanks for reading and pop by soon and drop me a comment

L out
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