Sunday, 25 November 2007

Friends New & Old


Since having my shiny new Blackberry I have found I am generally a little more connected, well ok I am permanently connected but this has led to me staying in touch with people a little more and forgetting to contact them back a little less.

This in turn has led to me becoming a little more organised which has helped with the P&C and I know need to starting treating it seriously myself, because *blushes I may not have been treating it with the seriousness it deserves...


I mean I have a psychiatrist on standby they have me on 1000mg of a fairly strong drug and they are weaning me up to 1750mg and I really am being a little flippant about it, but In a sense I ahve to be to be able to deal with it. I ahve this for life permanently it aint buggering off no time soon so whether they are offering me social to help me or telling me how I have to behave I think I will take what they offer give it due and fair consideration then deal with it accordingly the meds are working brilliantly and I am being careful with them maybe I haven't totally stopped drinking like they told me to I ahve to an extent stopped smoking I only tend to smoke when I am drunk now which isn't very often at all but this illness and my addictive nature mean fighting drinking is a real arse, don't get me wrong I am down to once a week if that and then last night I had two pints and three glasses of wine over a meal and over four hours but it still doesn't help and I have learnt to spot it, my Dr says I am lucky that I am so intuitive when it comes to P&C personally sometimes it just gives me reason to beat myself up....


On a more upbeat note I have started to make a hard copy back up of my music collection which stands at 1068 albums and 936 artists because other than the hard drive they sit on I have no copy, and yes people they are all legal, I told you this P&C thing and me have an addictive nature I'm the same with books....

Where was I, oh yeah hard copy of music I am burning a copy of each album off using Itunes which I have to really shout the praise of Apple for making this such an easy to use facility..


Ok Im done jabbering now


L out

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

My shiny new Crackberry

Well I have finally broken and joined the crackberry revolution my shiny new Blackberry 8300 tuirned up yesterday I am now 24 hours into using it and I say I think I may just be in love the only minor issue I could possibly have is this version doesn't have wi fi but my mobile provider have an unlimited download for a very reasonable price per month and my new baby has 3G edge the other one with an H.

As you may or may not have noticed I'm quite chuffed and all issues are on hold while I enjoy my new addiction...
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Monday, 5 November 2007

Hey Sorry if this looks weird or different

*******microsoft Live Writer failed it wouldn't even log into blogger******

So the below post is from blogger how pants is that

I'm trying something new tonight I have just downloaded Microsoft's live writer and thought I might as well give it a blast in an attempt to embrace Web 2.0 in its entirety. We shall see.

This weekend has been a long peaceful and reasonable one, there should be loads to tell you but I really cant remember any of it.

Friday I had a really stressful day, which isn't good it kicks my episodes off, then dumb ass over here yes that's me decides to go to the pub with my Dad. I really shouldn't drink so basically I am compounding the issue and not helping myself (yes I know I am supposed to manage this illness, wrists suitably slapped). Well Saturday I went to our local town fireworks display where the bonfire was huge and most entertaining (maybe I'll speak to my shrink about that ) Then the fireworks where let off in time to War of The Worlds (the photo is of the bit where the Martians die from bacteria and the said fireworks looked like bacteria under a microscope) the original one not that one with Tom Cruise the fireworks were just astonishingly spectacular one of the only occasions I wish I had a Video Camera. That finished at about 830 and I meandered up to my dads local to watch some friends of mine play in there band Maelstrom and they are very good (Although I never did see Harry in that Belinda Carlisle dress) I have to say especially Whirlpool and red so hats off to you three.

I may have then got very drunk wibbled a bit tried to get home (I did finally manage this) and collapsed in bed....

I woke this morning regretting (physically only for a change) what was basically a two day binge wandered over to the local supermarket and purchased some juice of the freshly beaten orange fortunately for me they had dairy maid (not the right link but it amused me) on buy one get one free so I managed to suitably re-hydrate myself and gorged myself on a full breakfast which returned me to what is the closest I ever get to normality.

I then slept which was basically my body saying oi you give me a break, and my friend from over the corridor woke me in time to sit down and eat a superbly delicious Sunday roast cooked by his good ladies other half (It was fantastic no word of a lie) to which I had a couple of overly large glasses of red to help it down.

Are you seeing a general trend here reader are you?

Cus my liver is an I don't think he is awfully happen about the situation.

Oh well I'll give him a break for a bit while I try and work out what drink and my med's do to each other,

now where is that general medical dictionary I picked up from a boot sale in some years back.......

L out