Monday, 29 December 2008

The Holiday Break

The Holidays fell midweek this year which in my humble opinion made it feel a bit awkward. I don't know why it just felt strange breaking up on Wednesday (yes me the martyr worked until Christmas eve lol) Now I'm building up to Wednesday and clients are asking me to work here and there which I am all excited about (yeah work) and I know I am gonna be as useful as a bucket of molten horse shit on Thursday!

I haven't forgotten you guys either by the way after saying I would be back and not blogging for six days!!! I had 11 to feed on Christmas day and I cooked yes 11 and it was originally gonna be 18 so I cooked it was awesome (yes I am brilliant ) and then we retired to my Uncle's to get merrily drunk over the course of the evening which led to me waking at theirs chilling to lunchtime and getting home being knackered from feeding the masses and drinking heavily so I slept for a day and a night which led to Sunday where I ate most of the leftover cheese chilled with some dvd's and had some me time...

Boy was it needed. This morning I have been to see four clients and I am off again until Friday so nothing but alcohol and chill between now and the New Year

So party people

Party like its 2009



Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Good Morning World

Hey there, how's it going? So what are we all doing during this festive season? Me I have the family coming round for a meal when I say the family not all of them just 11 of them. 2 of them vegetarians, 1 a really picky eater and me that can eat for england!

It's going to be interesting, I am know looking forward to it, I haven't been for a while but I am now....

As for gifts not a bloody one yet!

maybe I'll start today, maybe I'll get them all tomorrow? Either way I'll get them.

An while I am on here, I had a comment from Tanya aka NetChick this morning you really should get over there and see her......

No don't you close this page,

go on back to the link...

see its here in case you missed it!

L out

Monday, 22 December 2008

A time of change

So Yule has come and gone and it is a time of change the night leaves us and the day returns...

Which is makes what I found in the blogosphere tonight very poignant I found out I am losing a friend hopefully not for long the long standing Michele Agnew who ran the awesome meet n greet to name but one of her interesting posts is taking a sabbatical and one of the many bloggers I met Tanya aka NetChick has fortunately taken over the gauntlet as I met many dear blogger friends here they may not know they are friends but in their own special way they helped to name but a few

miss britt

and so on and so on the list is endless you guys know who you are I was helped through a breakup a nervous breakdown the diagnosis of Bipolar and the steps towards recovery and realising michele is going has made me aware that I fell off the bloggin band wagon when I needed it most I have promised I will back back numerous times well my new years resolution is to come back.......

Stay tuned