Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Good Morning World

Hey there, how's it going? So what are we all doing during this festive season? Me I have the family coming round for a meal when I say the family not all of them just 11 of them. 2 of them vegetarians, 1 a really picky eater and me that can eat for england!

It's going to be interesting, I am know looking forward to it, I haven't been for a while but I am now....

As for gifts not a bloody one yet!

maybe I'll start today, maybe I'll get them all tomorrow? Either way I'll get them.

An while I am on here, I had a comment from Tanya aka NetChick this morning you really should get over there and see her......

No don't you close this page,

go on back to the link...

see its here in case you missed it!

L out

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Dorothy said...

Hello and I'm sending you the gift of good Karma...thanks for stopping by my site grammology...it was appreciated..

Dorothy from grammology