Friday, 11 December 2009

Day so far

I went to a breakfast networking meeting this morning which went well and my mood was up generally good vibe from those meetings -

I got back to the office and my biz partner is a in a shit with me still which I can hardly blame her for as I was a total arse yesterday but her and our sales guy Mike leave on a meeting and the air is tense.

I proceed to over think all afternoon and I am thus confused and irritable

They get back from the meeting and things are calmer and slightly less chilly she calls me an arse tells me she still wants to stab me and things calm a little

She tells me she can't flip her moods like me which is fair enough as she doesn't have my mood disorder and things ease some more.

She leaves on a light note - I think we still have a business
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Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'm not sure what to do

What to say here ?

I've been having some really good days recently, my moods have been really settled and and the bad side when I have dropped back off I have been dropping so low its been horrific!

I don't don't whether my moods have actually got low or whether because my moods have settled now when the do cycle it seems so bad?

When I am having a bad day my head feels full of cotton wool, I am irritable for no reason and I don't know why?

I would love to know why or how?

I think I am going to have to sort my eating out I have been eating crap again, also I haven't excersiced in too long.

I have really upset my business partner and myself today and I just couldn't control him. The problem is getting people to understand!

I was really quite ill a few days ago and I think what with the extra weight I have piled on the lack of excersice the excess stress I have been under maybe I have snapped again!!!

It just feels so dark and I feel so alone

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