Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'm not sure what to do

What to say here ?

I've been having some really good days recently, my moods have been really settled and and the bad side when I have dropped back off I have been dropping so low its been horrific!

I don't don't whether my moods have actually got low or whether because my moods have settled now when the do cycle it seems so bad?

When I am having a bad day my head feels full of cotton wool, I am irritable for no reason and I don't know why?

I would love to know why or how?

I think I am going to have to sort my eating out I have been eating crap again, also I haven't excersiced in too long.

I have really upset my business partner and myself today and I just couldn't control him. The problem is getting people to understand!

I was really quite ill a few days ago and I think what with the extra weight I have piled on the lack of excersice the excess stress I have been under maybe I have snapped again!!!

It just feels so dark and I feel so alone

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