Saturday, 9 May 2009

Me & Karma

I would like to take the opportunity to (Fresh prince of Bel air theme now playing in my head) state to you guys that I have done some pretty stoopid things in the past hence my last post and so would state that Karma isn't shooting me down in a plume of napalm and rocket fire for recent events!

She is paying me back for events prior, which I am ok with 'cus we all have to be accountable for our actions eventually so I say let it roll...

I'll take the wheat (although I'm on a wheat free diet at the mo') with the chaff and just aim to keep my head above water...

If anything its helping me with my resolve to look inwardly at the moment and strengthen my inner self which I am working on with a friend who is also helping me with my health and fitness so I am going to redress the balance on a whole.

On another note a friend of mine from the blogosphere isnt having too good a time of it at the moment so please pop over drop her a positive comment we all need people to just say hi to us every now and again!

So things are rocky but every now and again rocky is good it helps to look for the positive in all situations

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