Monday, 11 May 2009

Sundays are normally quiet

Well people I have had quite an unusual day today;) very good unusual but still for me different...

Anyone who knows me knows I can be chronically shy and find it hard to communicate with people sometimes especially the opposite sex since the ex left me an I had my self esteem shattered things have been on the up over the last couple of years and very recently I joined an online dating site ( This is your fault Netchick )

Well somebody contacted me today and at about 5 o'clock I had an email asking if I was using that site she had found me outside of the site :) myspace then the blog apparently well 22 emails 14 texts later and we get to chatting on messenger, regardless of what happens *wink* from here I have made a very good friend today

Everyone say Hi to girliestofgirls cus she's reading this

L out
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1 comment:

David said...

hello to both of you.
I have happy stories to tell also.
Praying for you, that yours has a wonderful outcome