Friday, 15 May 2009

Between Sunday & Here

Hey all.

How is everyone? I know I have missed three days but I have been a little busy bunny on more than a couple fronts. Anyone keeping up with my blog will have noticed I met someone online (G from here on in) well me and G have been emailing, texting and messenging back and forth for four days and last night we actually spoke! An you know what its been a great week!!! I'm not sharing too much with you guys at the moment, you'll get just what you need to know (just know I am smiling, ear to ear) lol.

I have been up early every day this week for my Networking Meetings which I am quite heavily involved in. These meetings have had me thinking how ( as in whether thay have?) productive they have been for my business over the past two weeks or so but this last week they have been really usefull so I think it literally comes down to, you get out what you put in. I would have been a lot more spritely at a couple of the meetings this week but I was talking to a certain someone (G) til the early hours on a couple of days so I only got the minimum sleep and when I got back today I was proper pooped so had me a catnap when I got in at 5 today! lol

This means I am probably not gonna sleep tonight...

On other news I havent caught up with any other bloggers this week so I am gonna get over to a few and see whats going on in the blogosphere

I have been trying hard to stick to my healthy living plan and have managed to pretty well and am starting to really feel the benefits now :) I feel better I acan get up in the morning when I have had a late night, and still feel alive :)

In looking after myself news I am thinking of trying to get over to Paris next month to see Korn in concert & I was talking to my best mate Dan today and I am gonna shoot down to London at the end of next Month and have a day or two with him and his missus :)

So its all going well at the moment and I have one or two things to look forward to....

I have just thought the only thing I have forgotten to mention is I havent been concentrating enough on my meditation so that is my goal for next week and beyond :)

Ok Peeps

L Out

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sybil law said...

Paris! I am jealous!
And if I nap at all, even for 20 minutes, during the day, I will never get any sleep at all. Totally get that. :)
Thanks for the birthday wishes!