Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Well Thats a suprise

Hello everyone ;)

I made comemnt in my last post how I had laid myself in the hands of the NHS well they have suprised the hell out of me I had a letter yesterday informing me that I have an appointment at my local mental health institute with a locum I am not exactly sure what will come of it but its a start or a heading in the right direction I think and I have to say it was a great weight off my shoulders to finally feel like I am being taken seriously or that I am gettinig some help in dealing with my issues ;)

Yesterday was interesting in the fact that I got a lot more done than I expected even though I thought I had lost my trusty Palm (c) Tungsten T3 which I don't think I have mentioned before but I have come to rely on it of late to keep me as organised as possible, well as organised as it is possible to keep me ??

Any where I was slightly upset to say the least at the loss of my trusty little organiser not just for the fact that I would have to rely on one of my laptops but also because I was finally making headway with Soduko......

But I was literally sitting there thinking "come on where did you have it last" (a whole different story I can tell you no chance of remembering that ) An I thought I hadn't tried my dressing gown low an behold there it was in the right hand pocket....

Well the level of relief was such that I actually kissed it (I'm serious)

We are reunited now me and "The Guide" an I have promised to take better care of it ;)

Any way I think thats it for now but if I remember anything else I'll be back later ;)


Carolyn said...

Glad you found it! I hate losing things too.

Here from Michele's :)

PI said...

'One of my lap tops'...How many have you? I can only just cope with one ageing computer. At my age I find I lose things all the time and in order not to get too distressed have learnt to switch off from frantically searching and often it turns up painlessly. Recently I found a precious opal ring after about six months. Such a relief! I am glad you are getting an early appointment and hope all goes well for you.

PI said...

Oh bother! I forgot - I am from Michele's

Carmi said...

I don't know what I'd do if I lost my Palm. I've got a Tungsten T5 and it's the very center of my organized world.

Dropped by from Michele's today. Great to e-see you again, Oracle.