Friday, 2 February 2007

Oh God what a week

If it could go wrong this week it did !!

I have had some royally dark spells this week, mentally and physically and there have been some close calls.....

My Internet at home is limited again which is not leaving me able to blog as regularly as I would like which I don't think is helping....

I have started to be able to spot when I am struggling mentally of late as I can't gather my thoughts or string together strains of memory.....

My association / relationship with "B" and "You" is no clearer and when I have my dark spells this is not helping the situation but maybe that is half my own fault as well as a culmination of other issues.

My heaad is well and truly living up to the title of my blog at the moment in all its forms

Financially my life is falling apart I have money coming in but its always a day later than I need it which is an age old problem and a matter of my lack of financial organisation or lack of it

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