Monday, 12 February 2007

Issues , Issues, Issues

My Tattooist has been in to see me this morning and told me to get my arse round an rebook because he is desperate to get on and Tattoo me (or finish tattooing me at any rate :) ) Which is good news because I have missed having my tattoo done I really have ;)

I have been to see my Doctor this morning as well about some of my issues and he has asked to see a copy of my blog and some other notes regarding my Mental health so I have duly printed off a copy of my blog Natural Mental Implosion has gone public !

Not the way I had hoped but hopefully it will help!

I have never let anyone other than you guys read my blog so I am slightly nervous but if it helps then maybe its for the good of all things ? Who knows !

My business partner suggested this morning that I go on the sick to cover any expenses at the moment I think he his losing faith in me but to be honest I expected a little more support but I shall have to see where that goes!

I had a dream about "B" Last night it was nice

I dreamt that something had made her realise we should be together and she came to see me and then we kissed but when we kissed she had a mouth full of water..... Im not sure what that signifies but it was nearly romantic!

I am unsure of a few things at the moment I am thinking of packing in the whole working for myself thing and getting a real job where someone else worries but can I do that and what do I do

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carli said...

I kinda want a tattoo but can't decide on one. Is that alien yours? It's super cool.