Sunday, 11 February 2007

Flitty... Like a Butterfly

Hey Everyone ;)

It turns out I'm flighty like a butterfly, well that's how a friend described me this weekend, an it made sense after a comment I received.... Here on my blog!

I have trouble holding my concentration, I am easily distracted, I hardly ever tend to finish a project to its fullest! and I fidget like you wouldn't believe......

I'm not sure where this fits in but I have an very vivid imagination.....

I but into conversations quite frequently and I struggle to keep with just one strain of thought at any time I normally have three four or five thought paths going on in my head which although great fun at times can cause chaos and often confusion ;)

I suffer from bouts of depression often for no apparent reason and I have the weirdest of mood swings you can imagine often waking in a morning in a god awful mood and staying that way all day!

You know what I figure there has to be a reason for this, I'm onto a couple of possibles and I think I have a good contender tied down but I have decided I have had enough and its about time I dealt with this once and for all cause its not how I want to be any more.......

I enjoy the dark thought strains sometimes and I enjoy the spikes in happiness when they come but I have contemplated suicide just one time too many of late and enough is enough its time to turn the corner move on and start back up the hill ;)

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Pat said...

Hi Oracle! Before I forget Michele sent me. I hope the cloud really is lifting. BTW one of my teachers declared that I would be a social butterfly. Was she right? You'd have to read 'Past Imperfect ' to decide.
I think because you recognise there is a problem and are prepared to do something about it, all will be well. I really hope so.