Saturday, 17 February 2007

Good Morning Campers :)


Today is starting off bright and cheery, don't ask me me why it just does, I'm in a good mood in the morning and I'm not normally even close to sub human first thing so its a rare treat Ill have you know ;)

Not that I should be its grey gloomy and cloudy outside and the world still hasnt really woken up.....

I've come to work an now Im just trying to decide whether to work or not......

No news on either "B" or "You" this morning im afraid they are both on a contact lockdown what that means and how long it last I have no idea but it seems to be doing the trick @ the moment!

I think I need to get out and see the world some more ;)


Kismet said...

I too need to see more of the world.
Let's book a trip.


via Michele

Nikki-ann said...

Enjoy seeing the rest of the world. It's great to see new things :D

craziequeen said...

It's a big old world out there, Oracle......go out and enjoy it!!


Another UK dragon here from Michele....

David said...

go out and see the wonder
of what surrounds
( just watch out for the humans!)

Mr. Althouse said...

Everyday is bright and cheery if it is allowed to be. Days inherently are... we're the ones that make them gloomy.

Here from Michele,


Bob-kat said...

I must say I agree with Mr A. A day can be anything you choose it to be :-) Have fun!