Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Well the week is interesting

Hey all ;)

This week has been busy, confused, stressful and complicated but its been fun ;)

I am dealing with things a hell of a lot better this week, I'm not entirely sure how but whatever I am doing is helping......

The uplifting and reassuring comments from my blogger friends (you know who you are) are great and always help sometimes I think it just helps to get another persons point of view and perspective as well as to get a re-assuring "hey it will be ok just hang in there"

So all in all positive is the answer ;)

Its cold in blighty at the mo and I mean cold, plus its going to snow tomorrow which is always fun, the upside to the weather is even though it is really cold (not artic cold or alaska cold) but cold, it is really sunny the sun is sat there bright and proud like its making its own special point!

I am thinking of revamping my blog at the moment I am going to start with my banner I think and work back from there I have a few ideas for CSS templates I want to use but I am going to ease myself into that gently.

As for everything else at the moment business is very hectic and is piece by piece picking up pace which is good....

I am in the process of building the content for a seminar I am going to be giving on the benefits of the internet as a knowledge base and research tool and general social networking environment while staying safe and protected which is really interesting and entertaining.

I know I keep asking but any of you guys that are on myspace get on over to my page and add me..... Network, network, network......

And for anyone who I havent thanked for commenting here's a big thank you to all of you for general comments hints and help and generally for not lurking ;)

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carli said...

glad things are going better for you. Here from M.

The cold sucks.