Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Well whats today been ?

Today has been short!

Yeah thats right today has actually flown by, which has been good and unusual in both aspects....

I am considering a career change? I'm not exactly sure how or what at the moment but I realise that I am not getting what I want out of me at the moment and I think maybe I should have a change I have been doing my current job for nearly eight years in one incarnation or another and I just think maybe its not really me?

I don't know exactly what I am going to do yet but I think tonight I am going to give it some thought ;)

I am duly awaiting some kind of information from my Doctor after I printed off my blog for him to read yesterday I should aslo note that I wrote down a few things about how I had been feeling reacting as well at the time just to add some kind of perspective to the whole thing.

Since I sent texts to both "You" and "B" to tell them I think I have a name for my issues I have heard nothing and my landlord has been really understanding but I think my business partner is a little worried because he is acting a little strangely I know he has his own issues but we have both been working very hard towards where we are now and I was pushing yself hard before we started this project and yes I know I said I am thinking of a career change but I am still willing to back my current choice if I see 100% commitment on both sides a one sided pendulum is very hard to ride!

Well I think thats it for now Im off home to see my cats and feed bye for now!

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