Friday, 8 February 2008

Well its been an up and a down kinda month (bipolar, up and down get it lol)

Anyway, I went to see a band play last night my cousin L her Boyfriend A and my brother N where there since I have stopped drinking and smoking I haven't been out well I actually had a good night!

No really I did. I am going to my cousins 21st on the 16th I have been going to the cinema every other week ;) Generally been getting out and about.

Big news, I have started to excersice which could be helping, you know endorphins an all.

I have found an absolutley awesome blogger Go check Adam out he's ace

I'm going to the theatre to see a stand up comedian Omid Djalili on the 24th I am seriously looking forward to that we have seats fourth from the front.

I am also my third week into group therapy, yes its just like in Fight club no big titted bob aaint there and no Im not gonna blow stuff up with soap although its a thought I have oft considered I know some prime canidates.

I have had another tattoo started the pictures will follow at a later date for anyone who isnt a regular I have my whole right sleeve tattooed and although it is painful Im not too bad with pain, well I am having the new tattoo on my chest and all I can say is


I want my mummy

L Out

oooh p.s.

go here Kylie she's really quite funny and here

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