Saturday, 23 February 2008

Well hello there

I have been mostly suffering from a man cold this week well it seemed to start as a man cold....

Then the bloody thing transmogrified into a full blown cold type affair, I had to have two days off which for me is nothing short of unreal as besides the Mental Illness issues I haven't had a day off for illness since I started working.....

You know what it sucked camel balls Ok I read Ian Rankin's Naming the Dead (Very Good) and am now 200 pages through Ian Rankin's Exit Music (So Far very good, but Mr Rankin please don't write Rebus out (No spoiler, I haven't finished it))

I want to big up two fellow bloggers today Miss Britt who besides the fact that she hasn't had a brilliant week is still a beautiful and very, very funny person and Avitable who is also awesomely funny and needs someone to tidy his office really he does go see ;)

I am still feeling slightly sorry for myself but Im off to see Omid Djalili tomorrow night and Im going no matter how ill I am

L Out

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gautami tripathy said...

I had a massive cold last week, now I am over it. Goseberries help in a cold.

Try that.

Michele sent me here!