Saturday, 23 February 2008

I got this today.....

Sent: 23 Feb 2008 16:48
Subject: L, n, a.

L, n, a Sorry this is over text. Me and g have chosen to in the lakes for our civil union as there are no decent venues in S and we wanted a small low key affair with a few close friends.. The family is huge and we don't have that sort of money to include everyone. I'm hoping that as my brothers you will still be a part of the occasion and celebrate with us at S. Mum and dad are choosing not to attend but i'm hoping you will be there to support Me and G in our commitment to each other. Mark. x

Just to let you know S is not where they are having the civil partnership the party is almost a week afterwards what do you think, shall I go, or not. Im fairly sure N and A aren't going cus of how upset Mum is at not being invited they have been asked not to go by the way my Mum and Dad I don't know why because Mark is taking stronger drugs than me or because he feels the need to be so emotionally damaging and not have s ingle damn good excuse, I'm not sure I care what his reasons are! I'm sort of blah about it because that way I don't have to get involved cus stress just sets me off.

Anyway if you've got an opinion or at least if enough of you manage to sway me....

You know like Big brother or Survivor....


L Out

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Anonymous said...

quite like commenting

I think i'll do it on each post i'm mentioned in.... ;o)

Choose to attend the celebration of our civil union because you want to turn up, not because readers of your blog persuade you to attend.

Mum & Dad have only been told that they may not be attending the ceremony at the Lakes, but no family members will be attending the ceremony (Vik is friend before family) I don't class my parents as above my brothers in family hierachy but as eqully important to my life. If none of my closest family wish to join in our celebration then so be it. Although Al has said he will be there!!