Monday, 25 February 2008

Where to start and how to stop my cat humping my inner elbows

I tell you having a cat hump the inside of your arm while she gets comfy and you try to type or every now and again she just gets up to have a look round or play the cello at me (cat owners will know, everone else Im sparing you honest I am really) makes it a bit of a goit to type surf the net or basically use my computer but she appears to have found this spot and she likes it. We even played a game of lets see if I can entice you away with lovely crunchy salmon flavoured (they really fecking stink) treat which she'll normally go berserk for but she just looked at me as if to say

"Do I really look as stupid as you!"

So here I am type over a cats shoulder having to guess wqhete certain keys are and pretend like Im not the species thats in charge!

Meanwhile earlier this evening there was a young female wandering around the local supermarket dressed very sportily if not a little scantily for the current clime a tight jogging style sports top and matching black hipster jogging bottoms cut to her ass cheeks and showing hers abs she had the body to show and I don't blame her but a high percentage of the people in that supermarket will have been either perving (me! moi? no!) or envious and when I had collected my required purchases I made my way to a checkout ok I may have looked at her once or twice but Im MALE and HUMAN its all against me when I get to the till I start unloading (don't be dirty now) and im at the same til as the said female she pays and leaves and as I get level with the cashier quite young not un attractive but wearing braces she is nudging her companion making some envious comment about the previous customer.

As she turns to me

L - "Envy is our worst emotion"

C - "I know but I cant help it"

L - "Im sure your far more intelligent than her any way and your just as beautiful"

C - *goes crimson red giggles and starts being furiously helpful* "something about change have nice evening and goodbye"

Ok so it was all bollocks but when I left she was smiling like a cheshire cat and I made her night

L Out

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ƒåυνέ said...

:) very nice. I'm sure you made her whole day.

But LOL @ you acting all innocent.