Tuesday, 4 March 2008

An old friend

I went for lunch with an old friend C yesterday we hadn't seen each other in some 8 yrs. We kinda went on a couple of dates back in when we where young but nothing serious an I used to have a heavy duty crush on her for a long time.

Any way we met for lunch I told her about my Bipolar she was understanding ;) we hugged we chatted we went back to her sisters I hooked her works laptop up to her sisters broadband we took her dog R for a walk in the nearby park then we parted company.

I think I've found a friend an no not like that this time a real friend its been so long an we'll see we may lose touch again but she has offered to take me round the natural history museum so we'll see Ill certainly work on staying in touch an you know what it made me so happy just havin someone to talk to

I know you don't read this or even know it exists but thanks C
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