Monday, 10 March 2008

Creme Egg an Crunchie Mcflurries, fuck ups and forgets

Lets start with Mark again

Say hello everyone (Go on wave you bastards!)

Mark has dropped in to comment again so here we are =

Mark here again.. quite enjoying this commenting. Firstly - Good blog Lee - can't recall why stopped reading it.

Me and Garry are really pleased you enjoyed Saturday, Garry was particularly pleased that he had somebody to play on the Wii with - You never mentioned that Mr Whitaker procured you a mixed McFlurry.. :o)

any way - I'm here to comment on Ickletoria, She is our Cousin but she is my best friend, and my witness, her attendance is compulsary, she is as close to a best man that I would have.. although if it was a big gay wedding you 3 brothers would be my flower girls.. lol... frocks and all..


Now back to me because regardless of how what Mark says I'm more important! I am the eldest for god's sake let's not forget this key point in what is undoubtedly a selfish rant on my part hey!

Firstly I cannot believe I forgot the Creme Egg an Crunchie Mcflurry It was delish an all! We didn't have deserts at Miller & Carter G suggested we have Mcflurry instead multiple head nodding and the suggested was concreted in the annuls of time along with the ark of the covenant and the ten commandments or are they related? Where is Indiana when you need him....

Anyway we pulls up to the McDonalds drive thru window an G asks Mark what he wants and Mark states Creme Egg then G turns to me an I say Creme egg an Crunchie! Yes I am always awkward well the little uniformed troll of fast food servitude, she proceeds to shut the windows of plentiful food on us while she disappeared to ask the magical food people....

Meanwhile Mark turns to G an says I can't believe you asked for that you would have told me to feck off, well Mark see I'm special ;) Anywho said troll of fast food servitude returns and says yes to which I bounce up and down like a retarded space hopper clapping like a seal in the back seat and we move to the ethereal window of divine food delivery (or Kiosk 3).

Creme egg and Crunchie Mcflurry is really nice by the way ;)

As for Mark's most recent comment I would where a frock if you just asked me.....

I await my invite anywho likkle bro. At the end of the day I just want you an G to be happy an whatever it takes is fine by me you've fucked up we all have I've moved on we all do the only reason there will be a grey cloud is cus we live in Britain and it rains a lot (just thought I'd clarify that in case you hadn't noticed) Or if you let it.....


An you know what I wouldn't let it, its your day enjoy you know I might just gate crash anyway lol......


I'm kidding, well a little


Back to me cus Im ace well not too brill today actually went to see Dr and it was hard ended up really upset but he is really pleased with my progress and how I am self managing, jesus am I hadn't fucking noticed. I must be, he says he wants me less dependant on the system but he is still upping my medication in a few months, which kind pushed an pulled, I think I can see where he is going. He says I have to stop over analysing things, easier said than done he know's like when people say chin up the number of people I have mutilated beyond recognition in my mind for saying that to me you'd be amazed what you can do with a tea spoon and a chopstick!


Short an curlies of it are seein him drained and my head feels warm an empty

L out

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Kyra Sutra said...

I'm addicted to frozen Cadbury eggs.... MMMMMMMM!