Monday, 24 March 2008

Well Easter is over, Mary was out and I went to the pub with friends and Zombie Jesus Read my Paper

Yesterday was a bit of an unusual day for me it started of frustratingly I normal order my shopping from Tesco's (other shops are available) online on Saturday night to have it delivered Sunday and also get my paper thrown in and that comes to then all I have to do on Sunday is drag my sorry ass outta bed read some blogs wait for the food to be delivered cook, eat read the paper and repeat.

This Sunday it was not to be the fucking bastards nice people at Tesco had no slots left until Tuesday I'm blaming Zombie Jesus !!!

So I had to get up have a shower (I always do this last one honest, no I do smell me, Okay not you Britt and Avitable your smellophobics ) and go out, Oh I remembered to get dressed then I wandered over to the supermarket CLOSED (bloody Zombie Jesus) the garage was thankfully open, but they hadn't had a delivery of my brand of paper then I wandered up the hill to the shop that is opposite my office and low and behold taaa daaa

They had bloody sold out!

So now well and truly peeved at zombie jesus I went home, yes I could have brought another paper but I like that one and if you didn't already know I have issues ok it has to be that paper!!!

Anyway I gets a text off a friend to say "Me the missus Gaz (his brother) and Mark are over the road why don't you join us?"

Now Normally I would have found some excuse not to go or not answered or something but I just text straight back to say I'd be right over....

Whoa what I thought why did you do that well brain was running ahead of himself obviously, but we went and it was fun in fact in was an awesome afternoon ok I was drinking alcohol free beck as I'm sober these days but I still had fun maybe later I'll go into more detail or not.

I wandered back over four hours or so later and got a text off my business partner could I pop over to the apartment opposite and show his dad who's currently lodging in his apartment while his new one is being built how to use the shower?

No probs I say I wander over knock on show him which way to turn it on and how to use it and we have some light chit chat and then I leave its only when I get back into my apartment I remember I was stood chatting to his very catholic dad wearing this it gave me a giggle

Go Read Chrystal why because I said so she makes me laugh and her videos are like what's going on in my mind

Also pop in on Kyra she's as funny as she also has some awesome guest post bloggers Hot hot hot as is Kyra

For now Mark is coming to pick me in a short while an we are going for lunch so

L Out


Hilly said...

Thanks for stiopping by my blog today and for displaying that badge!

I know, I know..this has NOTHING to do with your post. I'm sorta random that way ;).

Oracle said...


An don't worry bout the randomness I like it that way no I prefer it random...

Keep em guessin its more fun ;)

Have a tequila on me though, an Enjoy it I had to stop drinkin at xmas an I could kill a tequila on the rocks with good squidge of lime