Sunday, 16 March 2008

I won something ;)

I won over at Miss Britt's (Go say hello) which kind of made my Sunday, although to be fair I was having a pretty damn good Sunday anyway.

I got up late showered wandered my ass over to the supermarket picked up a paper and some pineapple juice cooked myself up some bacon and Philadelphia (with garlic and herb) sandwiches and chilled.

Let's face it that's what Sundays are for =]

I had a good night last night actually I had a friends Jo round for eats....

I cooked

Garlic and chilli King prawns to start

Oven baked cannelloni

Then we had Ben and Jerry's Choc chip and Cream

An we chatted the night away a really good night ;)



There may be more here but I've just lost my train of thought!

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