Sunday, 9 March 2008

G and Mark

As I think I may or may not of mentioned Mark and G offered to take me out today and I thought it may have had something to do with the whole Civil Ceremony thing (Trauma an AWOOGA alert "sir we need the red bulb") but as it happens we had none of that, it went thus......

The plan was to pick me up at 11 I get a text just before to say this won't be the case as "the G has only jus got up" no probs I had had breakfast anywho ;) .

So at jus gone 12 they pick me up in Marks Aiygo (Spelling) an I get in the back reallistically we needed forceps lube 40 pounds of lard and a lump hammer but we managed it!

We head out of our local area on a main road an stop for fuel then we deviate off this A road so Mark can take us to one of many rural pubs they use many "err turn this way's" an G givin disapprovin looks later an some windy ass roads following a tractor an many white vans seein wales a slanty house a post box an me spankin Marks Monkey (See facebook, Album "Saturday") an we pull onto the same said A road from earlier an almost onto the carpark of an eatery we have used before G states we are eating here I need to pee I am lubed out of the back an we head inside....

The food was ace for details email me but I had a steak an cheese baguette v.nice the waiter cud of smiled more but he was cute enough an in a moment of weakness you probably would I ordered a decaf coffee which came in a thimble for £1.75 daylight bloody robbery but the food wasn't mortgage requirement worthy.

We chatted about jus stuff which was nice an then we headed back to Mark an G's via the A road funnily it took a quarter of the time to get home

Once home G got out the WII an in my shame this was my first time G took my WII Cherry an it was good the earth moved the heavens opened an I felt on the verge I'm off to do something vulgar now more tomorrow........

L Out
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