Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I think I’m being fucked by a llama


No I'm not I'm just bored! The projector for my new Wii which isn't coming for 3 weeks stoopid delivery bastards!!! Came today, other than that I am bored, bored, bored!

G had his interview today, for a new job cus he doesn't like the one he does now all wish him good luck now, now dammit

(stamps feet)


I said now!


I am just so bored


I got in, I ate, I read some blogs. Hey Kyra thanks for the comments hun ;) gonna have to try that ;) I added Avitable to my facebook I shot the shit out of a few things on counter strike including a toilet wielding a n uzi and a dustbin shooting at me with a 9mm.

I then ate some special K

Now I can't decide whether to eat more or masturbate any suggestions or shall I ask the llama?

I hope he's brought some lube!


L out


Avitable said...

If I didn't already have a 60" TV to play the Wii on, I'd totally get a projector - that's an awesome idea.

Kyra Sutra said...

I rock my Wii on my little 29 Damn it! I need to upgrade!

I say masturbate while fantasizing about the lama and video tape it and email it to me.

It would be the decent thing to do.