Monday, 10 March 2008

Out with G an Mark Pt 2.

Just a quick intro first everyone say Hello to Mark as he joined us as an anonymous commentator to add his bit and make corrections, which I encourage whole heartedly. I stand corrected in a couple of Matters

Correction 1)

Evening - corrections (from his brother Mark)

I told Ma & Pa it was 12 people that were attending my Civil Union (don't know where 16 came from) and I named them, brothers aren't invited from either side of the partnership as we want small informal do with friends if we include parents and brother + partners it becomes 40+ people in attendance. And Garry and Myself do not want a big gay wedding...

Just wanted to clear this up from my part as you seem as misinformed as everyone else that mum or dad speak too.


Can't really argue with this one can I it all seems to make sense

Correction 2)

quite like commenting 

I think i'll do it on each post i'm mentioned in.... ;o)

Choose to attend the celebration of our civil union because you want to turn up, not because readers of your blog persuade you to attend.

(This isn't nice now cus he's talking to you guys don't listen to him, no don't I said! )

Mum & Dad have only been told that they may not be attending the ceremony at the Lakes, but no family members will be attending the ceremony (Vik is friend before family
(Regardless Mark She's still family so it's not no Family is it!!!!!)) I don't class my parents as above my brothers in family hierachy but as eqully important to my life. If none of my closest family wish to join in our celebration then so be it. Although Al has said he will be there!! 


In case you hadn't worked it out I added my bits in red after the event

This is still in the machinations status an as I haven't had an invite to either it's a mute point at the moment so we shall see, (We'll G verbally asked me, but I don't have a date or a proper invite)

Anyway back to yesterday, we ended up playing on the Wii for 3 hours it tells you, yeah it does, it really does. We played on various Wii sports games the boxing one has meant that I haven't been able to lift my arms above my shoulders today ;) Mark and G's friends S and J arrived and we all had cups of tea and chatted and watched some T.V. they are really nice I like them, We had a look at Resident Evil 4 which is really groovy Mark cooked which was nice and S an J had to go, We chatted a bit more then I had to go home all in all I had a really good day (Oh we ate the rest of Mark's chocolates as well ;) )

I was well an truly knackered Wii sports is awesome as is the Wii..... So I ordered one ooops naughty me.

The general theme of the day was it was a nice change I had a good day out and I suggested to Mark that he a organise a night and I'll cook he invite S and J round an we'll have a Wii party it will be reet fun.

So get on it Mark!

In different news, I'm see my nut Dr bout the old Cyclothymia tomorrow an I need to tell him how rough it's been this past month or so. I really am struggling to keep things together some days an other days I have really lucid days. I am more convinced it's the stress I am putting myself under at work. The problem is I really enjoy my work, but also I am also enjoying the days of clarity I am having when I know I am well and I haven't been for so long. Gonna have to give this some real thought as it may take some real serious life restructuring.

C has sent me a message on Face book about organising going to the Natural History Museum in London together (As Friends!) so that has lifted me

I'm tired so I'm going to bed

Oh quick shout out to fellow Blogger Kyra Sutra she really has been a blast recently struggling with some real life shite an all the time bein up beat (hot) and funny as go pay her a visit please

(Ok just go fecking read her blog......... now dammit)

L Out

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Anonymous said...

Mark here again.. quite enjoying this commenting. Firstly - Good blog Lee - can't recall why stopped reading it.

Me and Garry are really pleased you enjoyed Saturday, Garry was particularly pleased that he had somebody to play on the Wii with - You never mentioned that Mr Whitaker procured you a mixed McFlurry.. :o)

any way - I'm here to comment on Ickletoria, She is our Cousin but she is my best friend, and my witness, her attendance is compulsary, she is as close to a best man that I would have.. although if it was a big gay wedding you 3 brothers would be my flower girls.. lol... frocks and all..

Invites will be out soon.

(can't remember blog log-on so will remain anonymous)