Saturday, 22 March 2008

I know I haven’t posted in too long

I just dunno I have loads of stuff to post about, like a clients wife telling me I'd be a great catch cus i'm intelligent, funny, good looking and so on and so (she's attractive and funny and intelligent, but lets not tell him he's a good client) Also my brother Mark is back in touch loads he's been over today he brought me an Easter egg awww bless him and my invite to the evening do of his wedding nearly a week after the wedding (which is in august) the invites are nice though...

Okay so maybe a post is forming

I left the house today pre 9 am which is just weird for me I'm so not a morning person its untrue. The thing is they have opened a Subway right over the road from me yes that close I can near enough hear the neon sign humming its glorious tune of (eat me, eat me... Well ok not the sign but a sub) I was going on my travels as has been my want on Saturdays since I stopeed working them and I decided I would go in there while waiting for the bus as the manageress is really cute she has a smile thats stops me thinking its awesome it needs bottling! So I went in ordered a bacon breakfast sub and a c up of tea I know I was only going in for tea but its her smile you see...

I know you can't see but I can't really take a photo its not like its one hour photo or anything!

Then I went to get on the bus and I am so blaming this on the cute brain stopping smile I got on in the wrong direction I had to do a 14 mile round trip to get back where I had started and then 11 mile trip to get where I wanted to be this took me 2 hours but it's ok cus that smile is awesome (oh Subway's are good too)

L out


just me said...

The Subway across the street from my grad school closed down because of health code violations.

...i was pissed. I always got free cookies.

...maybe because they were dropped on the floor.

Kyra Sutra said...

I love Subway cookies. Mmmmmm.

The Absurdist said...

Okay, are you male or female? I hate it when I can't tell.

Oracle said...

Just Me : I would love free cookies the double choc chip Mmmm

Kyra : oh god yeah but are you bein nice with them cookies ?

Absurdist : I know I already answered this I'm just making the effort to reply to comments ;)