Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Im not sure where I’m going with this

I have been talking with my business partner in the office today and we have come to the decision that there just isn't enough discipline in British schools see link O.K. we didn't come to the decision just over that article but a whole bunch of things kids are drinking younger there are more kids having under age sex and generally a good majority of the youth of today are falling into a pit of moral….

HA I hear you cry from the back you can't make the teachers deal with this problem it's the parents fault!!!

Well yes and no the parents do need to take a pro-active role in all this but on the whole a good proportion of British parents have the intelligence where with all or common sense to guide their kids in the right direction that's why they aren't all being home schooled and most of the British populace read the Sun for fucks sake and those not reading the Sun (stop clicking that link your brain cells will melt) read the Mail a paper who during the war had correspondence with Hitler for fucks sake and published a front page making out he wasn't such a bad guy (Google this I lost the link). I know there are some intelligent parents out there but there are a lot of numbskull fuckwits I tell you! So, should they bring back opt in corporal punishment or some other form of discipline for these little bastards, I mean I future leaders, the little loves. Or should we carry on letting them bring guns knives and heroin into school ??

I say beat the little fuckers ( I mean discipline them) ;o)

But oh dear readers what are your thoughts !!


Kyra Sutra said...

I think schools need to be much more strict and implemet a three strikes and you're outta there rule. Like a prison system!

ƒåυνέ said...

Amen to that.

And I'm not above "beating the little fuckers" either.

Oracle said...

Kyra : Damn good idea, I know you have had issues with your kids being bullied, I was bullied so I really feel for you and your kids ;(

Fauve : I don' t think the opt in scheme would be for the parents to dole out the punishment to the kids causing the problems if that's where your thoughts are lol