Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Lazy CBA or is he

Well I could given you a billion reasons why I CBA to post tonight I'm currently in bed an knackered an I am going to the Gym at 6:45 tomorrow......

Yes you heard right!!!

An that's just three reasons but actually the real reasons dear and beloved readers is because......

My Wii came

No not that kind you filth mongers

My Wii fitness age is currently 41 and I'm getting pretty shit hot at Golf

I don't care what any one says I'm havin fun

Any one wants to share Mii's with me just drop me an email and I'll send you my Wii number

L Out
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The Absurdist said...

I play tennis on Wii and get winded and sweat. How sad is that? Dave II says he has the same problem.

Kyra Sutra said...

I'm addicted to all Wii sports. LOL.