Sunday, 6 April 2008

Intermittent Blogging, normal blogging will resume shortly

I'm not sure! That's something I appear to be saying or at least thinking to myself an awful lot lately and why you ask faithful readership? (ok all two of you well it's nearly a readership lol) Well you know what I don't know it's been a fairly interesting week in the world of me I have a date on Tuesday I had friends round on Saturday (last night) I have been going to the Gym regularly for over a week now and my blood pressure is down massively, I just think towards the back end of the week I started to get tired real tired! My business partner has been away for two weeks in Brazil (brought me back some really nice presents more on those later) and I think the extra effort and stress has just laid me out a bit really.


OK, Ok, yes I said I have a date on Tuesday, I have been single for 2 years 10 months and 9 days and the closest I've been to any kind of relations of the fun kind where with a friend of my Mum's (yes you read right, no I'm not going into it, well oooo k but maybe later or another post) Anyway as I was saying I have been single for a long time and Im nervous in the kinda Virgin sort of Nervous way lol. Which I suppose is good. I have told the woman in question and she admitted nerves as well as she doesn't really date so I feel a little better.

But wait til I tell you how the date formulated, I have been interrupted by her texting me additions will be added later ;)