Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Antartictic shelf 'hangs by thread'

This is the shit that really scares me, OK guns, birds (don't ask.... I said don't), an a whole lot of other close at hand shit could happen to me now, things scare me! But this shit really scares me because I think its too late!!!

An that's not me in a depressive mood either (I'm bipolar- it's in my profile... what da ya mean you haven't read it I'm interesting me ;( )

This is just me being realistic, we have been abusing the shiate out of the planet like a whore we've dosed to the eye balls on rohypnol and she's woke up like "The Bride" in 'Kill Bill' an guess what we're Bill !

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Antarctic shelf 'hangs by thread'

On a lighter note It turns out Hilary coulda lied, at last she's coming through as a true politician now I wish she'd get it out of the way and bang an aide

L Out

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