Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Do you feel dirtied soiled and violated

An why should I you ask? (ok you at the back that are enjoying the thought calm down )

Well, ok you personally maybe have no need to, well ok you over there do but you asked him to put it in there and you brought the marmalade

Any way I digress I am of course talking about you blog yes I went a little bit more public with you tonight I told them about you at group.

Is that it! You ask well yes I just told complete strangers I know and meet regularly physically in RL where to read about themselves

"Hello Girls"

No I'm not going to. calm down I promised not to mention them and I won't but it feels kinda weird telling people outside of family, that I will meet again it exists.
A bit like peeling back my Skull and saying "here ave a look in here will ya, aint it a mess"

In a way it also feels kind of invigorating in a release kind of way.

This was actually my last group session on that subject but we have agreed to meet up again in a months time and normally I wouldn't go but you know what I'm definately going! Which wheb considering the issues I have with close contact with woman an my group consists of me an 7 woman is one hell of a step in the right direction wouldn't you say ?

L out
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