Sunday, 21 January 2007

Is it too late for a new years resolution?

I think I need to start taking my own advice and Listening to others ;)

Texting, email, ringing after having a drink is BAD.....

I havent had repurcussions yet and I might not even get them but maybe I could have handled the situation better ????

I do think though after listening to some of you guys awesome advice and thinking about things in a more sensible frame of mind I have come to some conclusions

1) I have been in love with "B" and I do love her but I don't think at this moment in time I am in love with her

2) I am lonely and need to make sure I dont make a decsision purely because of that

3) I have made some great friends via Blogger and they have given me some awesome advice ;)

Thank you all


Wordnerd said...

It's never too late to make a resolution -- go for it!

Good morning from Michele's.

silverDragon said...

Hi! Michele sent me... I will definitely second that. Avoiding decisions made drunk will improve your life-- been there, done that.

Bob-kat said...

Making a decision under the influence is never ever a good idea so why oh why does it seem the best thing to do at the time!? Been there too adn it's never too late to make a resolution!