Tuesday, 16 January 2007

I have made some ace friends via Blogging and via Michele's Thank you all

I had a very well thought out post and one I would like to comment on ;)

I think you think too much. - You are so right I just wish I could stop or at least not hang on it too much because when you sit there and think you never think straight you more often than not go off in a tangent that leads to some weird and wonderful place

Just get out of your own way. I can tell you from my own experience as well as that of others, if one tries to hard to hold on to someone - often the opposite occurs. - Yes I think this happened last time, in fact I am sure of it?

If this is meant to be, it will. It you make it be, it might not - even it it was otherwise meant to be. - I have to let go and let what will be will be really don't I destiny and Karma have a huge part to play and I am a participant not a player

So here's the $64,000 question: Do you have the faith necessary to see this through - no matter what the outcome? - I never used to think I did but of late with some inner searching I have been doing and the mental pouring out I have been doing on here I think I am developing an inner strength I never used to have.

Can you accept that what is supposed to happen will and that any help on your part could be counterproductive? - No, but I am going to have to say Yes!

Does knowing this help give you the patience you sound like you know you need? - It will definately give me a pause for thought.......

Only you know the answers. Hope this helps. - Yes, it does, alot ;)

BTW: Jealousy springs from fear - What are you afraid of? - I think I am afraid of losing her, but its hard to tell ;)

OH! I almost forgot - alcohol does not help in relationship building - it just doesn't. - You are so right, It has been my downfall on numerous occasions ;)

I want to thank Mr Althouse for the sound advice given here and for allowing me to answer his questions.......

I do appreciate and really hope he doesnt mind the manner in which I have opened up here, but for me I think it helps, as he hit the nail on the head a couple of times;)


Mr. Althouse said...

I don't mind - not at all. I'm glad I could help.


Carmi said...

He's very astute that way, and you're wise to follow his advice.

He often finds that elusive nail head. Which is why we all enjoy reading him so much. And which is why this little world of bloggers is such a treasured one indeed.

ƒåυνέ said...

I may be totally missing the point but here is my impression of things...

It seems to me that you are terribly afraid of being alone; you speak of your 'wants' but it is hard to miss the 'need' in the tone...
And I wonder if perhaps your confusion stems from, not the decision of who you want, but being afraid that you'll choose 'wrong' and you'll wind up without anyone.
If that is the case, I don't think this is fair to any of the three of you who are involved and would suggest that the first thing you do is figure out what you want before trying to have/continue any type of a relationship with either one.

sciurine said...

You sound so confused at the moment. I've been through the same thing a few months ago - in fact, i may even be still in the process of getting over someone i still like very much - so maybe i can help shed some light on this issue.

When we broke up, i was asked a very important question by one of my mates. Are you upset because you actually really really love her, or is it simply because you feel lonely and not use to it? Sometimes this can be a really difficult question to answer, but until you figure that out, it may be wise to let go of your feelings for B for the moment instead of getting back into it with doubts hanging over your head. I understand it's so damn hard to get over someone you truly love or have feelings for, but i guess you can try look on the bright side and see this as an opportunity to build another relationship with someone else that may potentially work out to be more fulfilling than your last. It's hard, i know.

But in the end, the decision's yours only. If you figure it all out and realise you really want to be with B, don't just leave it up to fate to decide; make the attempt. It's no use sitting back and wait for everything to just happen and hope that she'll come running back for you. Give it some time first though, and maybe after some time apart, B would come to realise she needs and wants you just as much as you need her =)

Good luck, i hope that helps a tad.