Friday, 26 January 2007

Whoooa time delay...... (no not really jus no Internet)

Well I've been away for 5 days its been like losing an arm ;( I haven't had Internet access for five days other than in the office an I have just been to busy to blog....

No you say too busy to blog, !

I wouldn't have believed it either unless I had just been through it myself but I am back again now.....

I should note busy is good really good I love the thrive and energy that being busy brings me I have missed pouring my mind out on my blog though an I am gonna try an catch up with the week ;)

I have started reading a really good book (in my opinion of course) Sabriel by Garth Nix a bit of sci-fi ish fantasy to take the mind away I find never hurts ;)

I havent had as much contact from "you" or "B" this week but there has been some, actually I text "B" three times yesterday and have yet to receive a response I had a text conversation with "You" last night about some books she has borrowed from me and she has offered to return them some time this weekend which is good because I need one of them for some research I am doing at the moment ;)

I am feeling a lot more positive about the state of my love life (or lack of it lol) of late and am a lot happier taking things easier and letting be what will be but putting the effort in, in all the right places without coming across as needy. Which is very much how I was coming across before......

I have been enjoying the weather over here in blighty the past couple of days, don't get me wrong its been cold....... an I mean brrrrrr cold but the sun has been shining and its been glorious, its muggy and drizzling today but I will not let it take the edge off my mood ;)

So I'm off to visit some blog friends and say Hello to Michele now I may be back later ;)


PI said...

Well I am in the UK and am finding it chilly! I frequently have a few days off blogging when I have a break - with no lap-top - and find it refreshing and rejuvenating. What I need right now!
Hello Michelle sent me!

Kristi Mantoni said...

Did your internet recently get changed to Comcast? If so, you weren't the only one with internet problems!!!!

Andrea said...

5 days without internet would make me a very cranky girl

Oh and Michele says hello :)