Friday, 19 January 2007

tired ;( It's been a long week

Ok people, as stated above I'm tired, I found out why "B" was suffering from anxiety we had a long, long chat and got a few things out in the open ;)

She has been subscribed some medication which I am a little wary about as she has quite an addictive personality but she assures me as stated by her doc that she is only taking them when she has need so thats re assuring ;)

I am a little more settled in the whole thing and have decided that I/we need to take time to get to know each other again before we can move anywhere never mind into a relationship and that feels right...

because with the right amount of effort and consideration if its meant to be and we both want it for the right reasons what is meant to be will be ;)

I haven't discounted my feelings for "you" completely but am certainly coming to terms with the fact that maybe on that part I was more enjoying the attention than interested in long term commitment from "you"

Although I should state she is a wonderful human being, very intelligent aware and worth a measure of anyones company time or effort but for all the right reasons I just don't think we are right for one another....

On a return to the last post I am still interested to hear how many of you all have myspace accounts and the reasons why if you are willing to share ;) please comment on that post as well as saying hello here ;)

Remember no lurking ;)


grant said...

Hi Oracle,
Aaah relationships are a tricky thing.
Me and Super Lisa moved to brighton and surprisinly that brightened up our relationship.
One final thing.... Michele sent me

Carmi said...

Some days, I wish we all had the answers to these apparently huge questions about life and relationships.

If only it were so easy.

Still, sounds like you're heading in the right direction: simplify and move on. Nicely done.

Bob-kat said...

Taking time seems to be a very wise thing to do. As you say, if it's menat to be then it will happen.