Sunday, 14 January 2007

Good Evening, morning ,Hello world, how do you address the blogosphere?

hey people ;)

I have had another drink fuelled evening ;) "B" made first contact tonight ;0) which was good although she is not with me or wasnt with me then I think that is a good sign I was having a meeting with my business partner !

Drink fuelled of course, but we have come up with a awesome product our best work is generally drink fuelled its remembering it afterwards but on this occasion I have a cigarette packet :)

I have missed bloggin today but it has been a hectic day I didn't get to sleep til nearly seven then was up at 9:15 and turned into work til 18:45 came home fed the kids (my cats, before anyone calls the NSPCC) and then went out to meet my business partner for some food ;)

At some point during the evening we turned a pre pubescent project into a monster which we are now both fevered about which is good because we need a break and in as anyone deserves a break so do we !

What I would really like now is for my love life to take on some kind of normailty so I can concentrate on work without too much distraction ( I am not foolish enough to think it wont cause distraction but everyone needs distraction :) don't they ? )

Can somebody please tell "B" I am in love with her and always have been and I don't want anyone but her and am not willing to sleep around to prove its her I want cus I don't seem to be able to get that across !


Andrea said...

I just want a "lovelife". I keep trying to get the attention of a DJ on our local station and I keep failing miserably :(

Here via Michele's :)

Leanne said...

I'll tell her. ;)

Really, you just need to do it. If she's the romantic type, then get creative and show it in a hundred little ways. If this is it for you, make an impact she'll never forget, you know? Women want to be wow'd, you know.

(nothing is ever normal. lol)

kenju said...

I have an idea. Print out what you wrote here, paste it into a Valentine's card and give it to her. Do it early, like now. You can find a good Valentine, they are in all the card shops.

rashbre said...

...Not sure what is happening to my comment. I've posted 2x previously but the comment seems to disappear?

Here via Michele.