Wednesday, 17 January 2007

One bump in the road after another but I think I can finally see the straight road looming

I have had some really thoughtful and well thought comments over the past day or two ;)

All those involved know who they are and the help they have given me and I openly thank them again here and now ;)

Well where are we on the Me "B", "You" developments ?

"B" has been in touch via text message tonight to ask me what tablets the doctor put me on when I was having my anxiety attacks, to which I replied none! I saw a therapist and flatly refused any kind of chemicals. I asked her why ? (All via text I should add) and she said because the doctor had prescribed her some pills.......

I asked her if she wanted to chat and have since had no contact ;(

I didn't know she was suffering in this way she made no hint towards it when we had our numerous lengthy conversations I am at a loss as to how it didn't come up but I know she has issues of trust due to a prior relationship with an abusive (Mentally & physically) partner but we have talked about everything I know some things are very personal but why tell me when the she has been the Doc's an he has prescribed medication why not talk to me about it before ?

I need to have a long hard think about things I really do, things on the whole.......

I have been asked do I know what I really want and the question I have to ask myself now is do I?

I haven't heard from "You" since last night but through a flurry of texts I think I managed to be quite over presumptuos and generally Piss her off but we shall see ;(

On the whole I need to think back off and decide what I want ?

Thank you all


colleen said...

I saw you at michele's again. Is that tattoo on the shoulder.

Life is like the weather. If you wait a little bit every thing will change.

Bob-kat said...

Hi - it all sounds very irregular to me and it does sound strange that she didn't mention this before though trust issues can be tricky. Perhaps you shopuld ask her? Sorry I can't be more help.

Just popped by to say I've added you to my blog roll.