Sunday, 7 January 2007

Chilling on a Sunday

Well I decided the only real way to enjoy a sunday was to chill out and relax ;)

Although the weather is a bit dull and dreary as you can see from the view out of my Study ;)
Its done nothing to dampen my mood which is good ;)
So Im off blog hopping Ill catch you all soon no doubt ;)


kenju said...

I'd like to see the same photo without the rain on the window; it looks interesting. Good think the rain doesn't dampen your spirits. Sometimes it gives us a good excuse to stay home and hunker down with a good book - or the computer...LOL

Michele sent me.

Nikki-ann said...

It's pretty much the same weather here, but I don't plan on going out so that's OK.

rashbre said...

We have been dodging rain today. I've just taken a Christmas tree outside as part of the post holiday clean-up. I didged the showers but still got pine needles everywhere!


verniciousknids said...

It rained all day here yesterday but today was beautiful and sunny...allbeit with a heap of gale force wind!

Michele says hi.